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World in our hands


Tatiana Yakovleva

Год создания:


Art is a portal through which you can see not only the inner world of man, but also a reflection of the outer world in which he lives. One of the many roles of art is a reflection of human history, emotions, hopes, lessons that we learn through both the happiest and the most difficult times. It is our legacy from those who came before us and a message to those who will come after. Each of us has a divine spark, an inexhaustible light of an immortal loving soul, and each picture, sculpture or any other creative work carries a piece of that light. Art is a record of the human soul, it is timeless, out of politics, it has no nationality. In this painting I reflected the greatest hope and desire of a huge number of people that eclipsed everything else in the present - the desire for peace and hope for a brighter future for all of us and our children. All in our hands.

Materials: acrylic, canvas on stretcher
Size: 40 * 50 cm

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