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Ludmila Sirotkina



The luminous moment of illumination gives birth to a multitude of sparks - ideas, and each of them wants to live and be embodied. When energy reaches its maximum concentration, a colossal amount of heat and light is released, which consists of billions of bright stars with absolutely individual features and qualities. Among the many variants of incarnations is realized exactly that which has the most powerful charge and it does not matter with what sign minus or plus. What has been sleeping and maturing for a long time awakens and bursts forth as a clot of light, rushing forward exploding and bubbling it gets unimaginable speed, flying out as if a bullet, sprinkling sparks of light on the withered ground, germinated by centuries-old roots, mature and capable of giving birth only to monsters and diseases. The face of light, darkness and norms mingled to produce something new, symbiotic, obscure, completely unique and incomprehensible, not yet manifested and not yet giving its sprouts and fruits. Only time knows everything in advance, only time will show the new space, only time will manifest the birth, once extinguished star. And time needs time.....
Mila Siro',
02.2022, 40x40x2cm, acrylic, canvas on stretcher.

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