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Born in fire


Snejanka Nikolova



The sunflower is the "flower of the sun," a symbol of joy and the star that gives us life and warmth.
This flower represents summer. The fresh beauty of sunflowers attracts and fascinates. If you close your eyes and listen, you can hear butterflies fluttering and birds chirping. Nothing can make us think more of tranquility and warmth than a field of sunflowers, which are always magically oriented to the sun.
Sunflowers bring positive energy and a warm glow to the home. A sunny day makes even a cloud lover happy. The sunflower flower is a great mood lifter.
The sunflower is one of the images of the Motherland, a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Artist: Snezhanka Spasova Nikolova
Title of Work: "Born in Fire".
Size: 30х40 (cm)
Technique: Hot batik/silk painting
Material: aniline, paraffin

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