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Half of true


TRAXI Diana Dimova


is an artist from Bulgaria.

Her paintings are intuitive, influenced by moods, feelings, dreams, strong personal experiences, and emotions.

She has been working under the name "TRAXI ART" for 5 years.

She creates for her pleasure, does not seek others' approval, and does not want to imitate. She loves Impressionism led by Claude Monet and Renoir. Next comes Igor Sakharov's online lessons.
She has her author style.
The real teacher and inspiration for her is Life...
She paints with oil paints, watercolor, charcoal, and acrylic, but she considers acrylic her technique. She loves warm and bright colors because they bring happiness. She loves everything new and advanced and is constantly learning, exploring, experimenting...

She says of her work:
"I paint Movement and Light.
Universe of Feelings, Dreams, Dreams in the Human Soul...
Inner Power and Beauty,
Connection with Mother Nature,
Friendship, Love, and Happiness.
I am in awe of Human Achievements and the power of the Human Spirit, the Organism called Society.
I draw and I know - Life is beautiful!

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