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Inside Megalomania


Anastasia Strizhkova


This work is about a common type of modern man who is on the one hand glorifying himself and on the other is in a deep depression. Why is it megalomania? Since exaggerated needs boost a person’s ego incredibly, this makes people commit crimes and start wars spreading their sick beliefs like a virus.
mixed media on canvas 100х120 см

The world is in a state of information warfare.
It is a war without winners, but with billions of losers. And the losers in this war are ordinary people who have become pawns in a war of manipulation.
Why is this war? Because the most terrible weapon of mass destruction is not atomic or bacteriological weapons. They are facts distorted to please the politicians. Half-truths, post-truths, or outright lies.
With what is called "information" they blatantly manipulate consciousness and sow hatred and enmity.
Can a normal person hate? Can a normal person wish for their own death?
The 20th century ended with the idea of global unification. The 21st began with the idea of total enmity. Who was the initiator of this nightmare? Who is to blame for the world's total crisis?
Most - very quickly answer this question. And the answer will not be original. Of course - it's all the fault of Islamists, Jews, anti-vaxxers, migrants, refugees, LGBT, or cis-gendered whites? or who is the most hated in the "world hate trend agenda" right now? This is the quickest and not the right answer.
To find the right answer, you have to restate it.
Just think, "Who benefits from this?" You? Your neighbor, the mythical enemy on the other side of the earth? Why do yesterday's allies instantly become enemies, why do neighboring countries become aggressor nations?
Do you need this? No. Do politicians need it? Yes. Because your freedom of movement, decision-making, and choice is not needed!
Don't think, don't decide, don't choose. Be a herd. It's easier and more convenient to be ruled by the herd. The herd doesn't need to be negotiated with and cared for. The herd does what the politician wants.
Those who hide behind slogans do not solve problems and protect citizens, i.e. you and me, but only distribute power and fight for power. By pitting people against each other, and generating hatred, politicians close their eyes to false information and solve their own problems.
But most importantly, politicians have nothing to do with the country (or the concept of Motherland), nor do they care about their native people.

The author of the article: Tamara Tanatarova

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