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Let sun shining


Victoria Radchenko



The topic of politics has never interested me much, but now, I just feel I have to express my personal emotional feelings for today in my art.
The title is like an appeal to "Let the sun always shine"! In the right corner of the painting (which is a positive diagonal), the sign of the Kyrgyz flag is "shining". It is a symbol of the sun. It's different for everyone. For me this country is my home, it is my paternal home and for me, it is associated with warmth and comfort, lots of sunshine, and therefore joy and inner peace!
The white bird aspires to the sun, to peace, to the friendship of peoples, despite the difficult past, resentments, tears, wars, bloodshed, hatred, worries... The indelible imprint of what happened remains forever, and only with time, after many years, do the sprouts of a bright future emerge! It exists, one must believe in it, even in moments of despair, pain, and...
I wish everyone to cherish this hope of the bright, beautiful, and reasonable, the only way to defeat evil!

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