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Svetlana Iskoskikh



The main theme of my painting is children and teenagers. For half a year I had the idea of painting a child drawing with crayons on the pavement, but the subject never came up. It is very sad and symbolic that the picture came together in February 2022. In the course of my profession, and I work as an art teacher, I often have to communicate with students from different countries. I see how the current situation affects the innocent hearts and destinies of children. Children are friends with each other regardless of nationality, country of residence, or passport color. While grown men kill each other and women hate and retaliate, spreading anger and curses, children dream of peace. We adults are responsible for the future of all Earthlings, and no matter how hard it may be, we must find the LIGHT and love that will stop hell on earth. PEACE.

Canvas 40x40 cm, acrylic

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