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Strawberry fields (sculpture)


Elena Kart



With this sculpture, I would like to bring peace, Zen, and creativity into people's hearts and minds.

I made this piece of art some time ago keeping in mind and reflecting on thoughts and ideas about creativity, and states of mind, Buddhist and Hindu philosophies emphasize taking care of our minds and keeping our minds clear.
And not getting involved in other people's games.

This artwork should bring in and remind us of our very natural inborn state of consciousness - joyful, creative, benevolent, and blissful - that is essential for all of us. Especially in times of big distress, turmoil, and crisis.
To get through turbulent times sometimes we need to rise above earthly matters and remember that native intuitive state of Zen, pure joy, love, happiness, tranquility, peace, and desire to create.

So let that desire, love, joy, and inner peace prosper and thrive especially in the most difficult and darkest times despite any external obstacles and turmoils.

The contrast colors of deep-sky azure blue and bright sunny yellow also reflect the harmony and balance of different polar states each being part of a complete whole.

The silvery surface here reflects (both literally and conceptually) the eastern philosophical idea of Maya - great illusion. Reality and mirror - reflection, and it's bond to our minds. That is also quoted in the letters of the code (see below).

The strawberry and the code are emerging out of the silvery haze of the noumenal world of our mind.

The salt of the work is the code, which is a citation that everything in this reality is a code in various sorts and forms.

The code is encrypted in 16-digit hexadecimal code lyrics of the infamous Beatles song "Strawberry Fields". The hexadecimal code here is also a reference to blockchain technology widely used today for cyber security purposes and to make digital objects genuine. The basic machine language is binary, but 16-digit hexadecimal and other encodings are human-friendly forms.

Here I used both Latin and Hanzi (Chinese) characters - representing Western and Eastern systems and the union of East and West, which also makes possible technology production and the growth and development of technology and humanity today. Only in the union. And it is also a reference to the infamous Matrix rain - but that is quite obvious.
Also, it is an inkling of the 1st "binary" system - yin-yang in Chinese philosophy and 64 hexagrams
Hanzi and Latin characters are mixed here using different words, I e one word is encrypted in Hanzi characters and another in Latin, and they are "inweaved" in each other, making the one line, but still representing different words.
For Hanzi characters after 9 (九) I used characters for numbers 100,1000,10000 etc.

Both authors of the song John Lennon and Paul McCartney were always advocating for peace, love, and creativity.
I will donate 15-20% of my net income for this artwork to the victims of war.
Praying for peace and reconciliation, love, friendship, and fruitful collaboration.

50 x 40 x 15 cm, 20 x 16 x 6 in, sculpture - synthetic clay, wire, silver leaf, acrylics on plywood.
Italian silver leaf foil is covered with a special varnish that prevents oxidation.

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