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Ekaterina Pakina

Год создания:


Meta- (from Greek μετά- "between, after, through") is a part of a compound word denoting abstractness, generalization, intermediacy, following something, transition to something else, change of state, transformation.

We are on the threshold of a new era. The age of the Internet, in which reality and virtuality have blended. The world is changing rapidly, and we are trying to keep up with it and adapt to live in the new conditions. What was created for our convenience, gradually absorbs us. And we can no longer imagine ourselves without phones, social networks, and the Internet. Life turns into a race for likes, and followers.

It would seem that thanks to modern means of communication, we can easily organize our personal lives. But it's the opposite, people are becoming more and more lonely. And we are no longer competing with each other, but with new technologies.

What awaits us at the finish line? What kind of world will our descendants see? We cannot predict, since we no longer understand what will happen tomorrow with us, our relationships, and civilization.

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