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Mariam Mary-Ellen

Год создания:


"Pangea", canvas, oil, gesso. 50*60 cm.
Difficult creation - morally and physically for me, as if I was transferred to another level. Pangaea is an ancient supercontinent that united all the land of the Earth more than 175 million years ago. I think that if an Earth goddess existed, she might have been one. And in our difficult times, she would be crying, looking at her children. Because people have begun to forget that we all come from the same continent. It doesn't matter if we are descendants of Greeks, Mexicans, Mongols, or Slavs. It doesn't matter if we are hetero or homo, if we are white or black if we are vaccinated against coronavirus infection or not, if we wear masks and if we have a QR code. None of that matters - we are all from Pangea. This pandemic teaches us to respect and accept another person's choices, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. It teaches us to respect other people's boundaries by keeping love in our hearts. And the decline of our civilization awaits us when more than leaves will fall from the trees, unless we return to our origins unless we remember that our DNA is not much different from that of someone from the other side of the world. I think that in the current realities of 2022, the topic sounds even more poignant.

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