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Sculpture Liberation


Mila Zakatova

Год создания:


This work was created as a result of reflections on the fate of the world, wars, destruction, and the desire of civilians to survive, return to a familiar life, embrace their loved ones, to create again. The base of the sculpture is covered with reliefs of flowers, leaves, and birds, symbolizing a time of peace. The wire reminds us of opposition, captivity, attack, war, and death, but it is torn by a brave hand, it will be destroyed and the personality of man, alive, brave, bright, will triumph in freedom and thirst for life.
It is the hope and faith in reason, happiness, the wisdom of life, and the goodwill of God for humanity.

Sculptor Mila Zakatova.
Sculpture "Liberation".
Gypsum, German wire from the times of World War II, height 50cm.

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